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🌍✨ Unleash adventure with Adventure Buddy 1.1! πŸš€ Quick fixes, πŸ“° new News section, πŸ”’ private location options, πŸ“Š event analytics await and 🧭 Private Adventurers Group chat. Get the update and let's explore! ✨🌍

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Adventure buddy

πŸ”₯ Daily Challenges

Kickstart your day with unique challenges. Capture your completion with a photo, and our AI will verify it. Rise on the leader board with every successful quest. For our premium users? Get ready for an adrenaline rush with extra hardcore challenges.

🌍 Local Exploration

Travel or stay local but always find something intriguing. Save spots with personal notes, peek into friends' favorite locations, or, if you're premium, instantly get suggestions from categories like Food, Recreation, and Wellnessβ€”all within a 5km radius!

🎈 Events

Stay socially active and informed. Browse through events, whether they're chill hangouts or grand gatherings. Mark the ones that catch your eye for easy access. Premium members, showcase your hosting skills by creating events for others.

πŸ—£οΈ Social Integration

Conversations make adventures memorable. Engage in seamless chats with fellow adventurers. Elevate the experience by initiating group chats, perfect for planning or sharing collective escapades.